Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Like the cartoon characters Chip and Dale, Oregon ground squirrels or "go-downers" as they are nicknamed, are a kick to watch.

The go-downers race here, up this tree, down the other tree and scamper all around the campground.

It seems that they'll eat anything you set out for them. When winter sets in their store of food probably includes less than savory tasting items if the going gets tough saving the worse for the last of winter.

Go downers do get into things so when camping it's a good idea to watch your stuff. Nothing is sacred.

The family pictured here had setup home in a little burrow just outside the door of our trailer. You can see one of her little ones munching off of whatever it is mom has in her mouth.

On this 6th day of February I know there's a lot of snow in this campground. It's a small wonder how little creatures survive a long, cold winter that buries their home with several feet of snow.

Speaking of survival, Mr. Gopher Man displayed his trophy of the day for us this afternoon: One long and fat critter who had fallen prey to a pincher trap.

I'll sleep well tonight knowing that my precious lawn is no longer being ravaged by Mr. Gopher.

RIP, Mr. Gopher.

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Max said...

I think I'll watch Caddy Shack in his honor.

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