Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Something is wrong with Zoe when she doesn't eat breakfast.

Normally both dogs are up at 6:00 a.m. (or earlier) and spinning in circles, bark, bark, barking until she's fed.

This morning Zoe sat upright in her bed with her nose down on the pillow. Her tummy really, really hurt.

Poor little 5 pound doggie!

One morning's stay at the veterinary hospital, a series of blood tests, a once over by her Dr. and $200 later Zoe is home.

Ten minutes after arriving home Zoe went outside and "did her duty". All of the morning trauma got things moving for this dog.

Since there was nothing conclusive from our vet in terms of what the matter was (you'd think $200 would yield some kind of diagnosis!), the wife picked up Zoe's "stool", bagged it, and sent it back to the vet with daughter Dawn. It was lucky for us but unlucky that Dawn had spent her lunch hour with us. She wasn't thrilled with the assignment of delivering a lunch bag of Zoe's poo-poo.

After dissecting the contents of the lunch bag (there goes another $200) the vet called to say the sample contained rocks and string. Hmmmmmm. Hardly qualifies as doggie haute cuisine.

This once again proves that dogs will be dogs and that dogs, even though they're well fed, will eat any piece of crap they find. The good news is that she passed whatever it was that she ate yesterday. What's unknown is if there's more of that kind of stuff to pass. What's not passed could kill little Zoe.

No food and only water until noon tomorrow for this girl. By order of her vet.

More information that you need? Yes.

But I just had to tell you about poor, poor Zoe!

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Max said...

Rocks and string? Sounds like cat poop condiments to me!

Bob said...

Most likely was cat poo-poo. How tasty can that be?

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