Wednesday, February 14, 2007


#1 Every child went to bed happy and fully nourished.

#2 Peace, love and happiness were prevalent in Iraq, Israel, Palestine, et al.

#3 Mother Earth was healthier.

#4 Countries settled their problems by not going to war but by their heads of state playing 7 games of chess: Best of 7 wins the war.

#5 That a nuclear threat only meant the construction of a reactor to generate electricity was being built in your neighborhood.

#6 That the USA would become less dependent on internal compustion engines. When others are starving in this world, why are we using food corn to generate fuel for automobiles when we could be feeding millions?

#7 Human rights violations ceased to exist. The biggest offender is China, yet the USA keeps smiling at our Asian neighbor and ignores the attrocities to man that are committed by this country every minute of a 24 hour day. Shut the door on trade with China (pick up 5 items in any store and all 5 are likely to be made in China) and open it only when these attrocities cease to exist.

#8 A cure for cancer was discovered this year.

Have I missed anything?

On a day in February dedicated to love, peace and happiness by Hallmark cards, is this too much to ask?

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