Thursday, November 30, 2006


The title of the song was really Three Dog Night as named by the Eskimos. On very cold nights it took three dogs on top of a bed to keep everyone warm.

We have two dogs. Both put together are not nearly enough to keep anyone warm on a cold winter's night.

The two Poms travel in style. Theirs is the back seat of the Dodge truck settled into in their own little seats, suitable for snoozing.

Jilli takes the middle seat. She cuddles down, nose over the front edge of the chair. From her position Jilli takes in the sights from her somewhat front row advantage while the truck rumbles down the highway.

Last year the dogs traveled 6,000 miles in these seats. This year they only racked up two thousand. In the world of frequent flyer miles, Jilli and Zoe running a bit behind the pack.

It's easy to know when to stop the truck and let the dogs do their business. One or both of them start panting, panting and panting, looking like they're very distressed. That's the signal to pull over mucho pronto and let one or both head for the woods. We don't usually let them get to that point and stop fairly frequently to let them out to at least stretch their legs.

They're good travelers, usually sleeping all or most of every trip.

I wish that I could do the same. Posted by Picasa

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