Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Well, what did you expect in Oregon this time of year? Fog, rain, wind. This was taken by the Port of Brookings web camera a little after 11:00 a.m. this morning.

Regardless of the Brookings weather, I am looking forward to spending a week in the RV where this very picture was taken. RV spots are to the left of the camera and out of view.

Do you know what I get tired of hearing? It's this question when I meet someone that I haven't seen for a while. "So whatcha doing these days? Bet you're having a good time being retired."

I think a lot of people thought that in this stage of my life there would be the purchase of a business or some other venture. That could have happened. We have the resources to buy or go into any business. I'm young enough to be successful in another line of work. Look at Col. Sanders. He began the frying chicken in clog-'em-up-artery oil well into his 60's.

We had several lines on franchises like Fuddruckers. They were interested in our pursuit of a franchise in this town. There was another franchise interest that came up. Pencil to paper both would have been highly profitable. We could do either of those projects - or both - and make a lot of money.

As I worked through the decision making process I asked myself, 'How much is enough?' Indeed, how much is enough work in this lifetime. Been working pretty steady since age 14.

How much is enough money? There's only so much money to spend in a lifetime. Yes, enough is enough.

I don't need to do anything except relax except for one thing: Come up with a response to the question:

"Hey Bob, whatcha doing these days . . . playing any golf?"

I hate golf.

Oh, what am I doing these days? The wife and I bought a few sweatshops in the Phillipines. Boy, can they work. Wanna buy a t-shirt? Posted by Picasa

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