Thursday, November 02, 2006


Holding your breath is not a good thing. Breathing is good, especially a series of deep breaths in times of stress.

Sometimes I stop breathing. I don't breathe so that I can hear better when I think the Boogie Man is rummaging around in the yard at midnight.

In this example of don't hold your breath, means if you're looking for Chapter 2 in the next exciting installment of what screwed Bob up, you're out of luck for now. I have a case of writer's cramp or is it block? Or is it that it feels as if more revelations regarding the other side of Bob - the sight unseen - would make me feel more vunerable than comfortable?

Whatever the case, don't hold your breath. Chapter 2 will come when its time has come. As if I have this whole audience of people just waiting for the next installment. Don't flatter yourself, Bob.

The last clippings of roses Tuesday are most like the last until the weather warms again. It's been a marvelous year for roses in our garden.

Candace's collection of roses includes some taken from the yards of her grandmother, her mother and from the home of my parents. There are other plants also from these places. Candace can tell you what the plant is and where it came from. I'm lucky to remember what I had for dinner last night. It was steak and it was great. Lucky me!

This is our table in the breakfast nook, lightly decorated to celebrate the coming of the fall season.

We have a dining room which is to the left and just outside of the kitchen area. Why we have two areas to eat in when we can only use one at a time is beyond me. I have visions of turning the unused dining room into a big screen TV room. I'd have two rows of recliners installed, a popcorn machine, draft beer within reach, a candy bar dispenser and a sound system equal to what you would find in an IMAX theater. KAAA BOOM! Bring on Star Wars #1.

Candace has other visions for the dining room. Right now the dining room table being used to organize family photographs into albums. I shouldn't hold my breath waiting for the dining area to evolve into my IMAX room.

Grace went to school on Halloween dressed as Aerial the mermaid. Once home, it was important for her to change and become a witch. Her loving mother made it happen.

And here's daughter's thanks to mom for a costume switch-er-roo well done. Had it been Grace's grandparents who were asked to make the change from Grace being a mermaid to a witch she would have ended up with a cut-out paper bag to put over her head with "witch" painted across the top of it. Nothing but the best for that kid! Posted by Picasa

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