Monday, November 27, 2006


Back in the day I took photographs, pictures of good technical quality taken by an expensive camera. To go along with my hobby, there was a darkroom and all of the necessary tools to support it. I was into photography.

Back in the day I used to chide dad about his snapshots. It was about the composition his pictures had, poor exposure, wrong type of film for the situation, etc. etc. etc. In my opinion, back in the day, dad couldn't take a good picture to save his fanny.

Dad didn't care, he just took pictures to be taking pictures. From slide photos taken with an old viewfinder 35mm Kodak camera during our stay in Alaska to Instamatic photos in California, Dad just took pictures as snapshots, for his enjoyment without the goal of takingphotographs that had distinct quality. I could never understand that.

Then came the day when dad quit taking pictures. He said, "Why take them, we're not going to be around to enjoy any more pictures." I could never understand that, either.

They say what comes around goes around.

Today my photographic goal is not to take photographs. I like taking snapshots with no regard to whether the f-stop is right or if the composition is perfect. Don't care, doesn't matter. I like taking snapshots. Lots of them.

In this new century it's youngest son Max who has taken on the role of photographer who truly takes quality photographs. They're wonderful, worthy of hanging most anywhere. He's picky. Being picky shows up in what Max produces. Makes an old dad proud.

It has come around. It has gone around.

The picture on this entry is one taken last week over Brookings. Not bad for a snapshot, don't you think? Old dad is going to keep on snapping.

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