Sunday, November 26, 2006


Have you ever wondered why women feel comfortable with a tattoo on the small of their back and why you never see a male with a tattoo in the same area?

Why is that? I wonder about these things.

If I were tattooed there, would the tattoo have a special meaning? I wonder about that, too.

I've often thought about being tattooed. It's a stupid thought for me. What would the tattoo look like? Where would it placed? I wonder about these things.

Will it ever be too late to get a tattoo? What if I wait a while longer to make up my mind on whether to get a tattoo? Will it take a lot longer to decide what to have tattooed on my body?

How about "Slippery When Wet"? Or, "This side up"? How about, "Return to sender"? I wonder about these things.

I've decided on this tattoo.

I will still wonder about these things.

I will continue to wonder about myself.

Anyone need change for a dollar? Posted by Picasa


Joanie said...

Maybe no change, but perhaps a tune will play!!! Nice to see you back on line

Bob said...

And what tune might that be, my dear? What were they playing in eighth grade this time of year? Remember, the fanny jukebox will only play tunes in C. . . toot, toot!

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