Thursday, May 10, 2012

Post Number 1,800!

After nearly four years in the White House, Obama throws a Hail Mary pass in this election year giving his blessing to same sex marriage.  Why did it take nearly four years to come to make this decision?  Yup.  Saving it for the election year to garner the gay and lesbian vote.

When Obama first campaigned for election one of his promises was to make transactions in the Federal government transparent.  If anything what goes on in Washington is more veiled than ever before.  If anything is transparent it's Obama himself, like this Hail Mary pass blessing same sex marriage.  If you can's see through "that" then you're deaf, dumb or blind.  Consider this the first of his Hail Mary passes with more to come.

I had lunch with a friend Tuesday who asked, "Why can't the Republican party come up with a better candidate than Romney?"  The Democrats aren't doing so well either, I countered.

I'm voting for Romney.  He has the business sense to clean up the mess created by the current president and I guarantee you there will be a better tomorrow with Romney in the White House.  If you think a better tomorrow will occur should Obama win re-election you really need to educate yourself on the subject.

I should have written about this being post number 1,800 and that What About Bob? saw the light of day in August 2006.  When most other blogs have come and gone this one still seems to tick even after six years.  I guess that's something.

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