Thursday, May 17, 2012

I kind of feel that way about pancakes.  Take 'em, leave 'em or F 'em.  This IHop place pretty much zeros in on the latter.  Bet the manager didn't know that most of his sign had gone south.

Breakfast is not my favorite meal.  In fact, I really don't like a traditional breakfast meal in the morning.  An Asian noodle soup.  Sushi.  Anything Mexican.  Lunch for breakfast.  Pizza, too.  Anything for breakfast that's not for breakfast.

Oatmeal (the steady "stay alive until you're too old to walk diet).  Cereal with lots of fiber.  Eggs.  Bacon.  Sausage. Pancakes. French toast.  Etc.  All things I could and can do without.  Boring.  I like Eggs Bend My Dick.  But like everything else that's tasty, tooooo much of what's bad for the body.

Usually I skip breakfast and "fast" until lunch.  Two meals a day does a lot to maintain a boyish figure (well maybe 10 or 15 pounds south of boyish). 

It's too bad someone doesn't invent some new food that's called breakfast.  Like our dining habits, at least for the first meal of the day, are intrenched in the 1700's or earlier.  What did the Roman's eat at 7 in the morning?  Cavemen? 

Wanna make a billion?  Invent a new menu of breakfast food. . . something that's unheard of.  Patent it.  Sell it.  You'll be set for life.


Evalinn said...

Luckily I don´t have your problem, breakfast is my favorite meal! :-)

Adam said...

I like most beakfast foods

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