Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Music For Dusting (the house)

I need music to move to, to live to, to celebrate with, to cry to, to rant and rave with.   Likewise, there has to be fitting music with the just right rhythm to clean bathrooms, mop the floors (yeah, i do that shit) and dust all the freaking objects Wifey has displayed around the house.

Here's one that struck my fancy for dusting.  Dusting kind of puts a spell on me. . . like I took stupid pills or something.  That kind of spell.  Wifey hates dusting.  I hate dusting.  Something has to put a spell on me to get the lead out and DUST! 

This kind of helped.

Oh, and the movie Holy Smoke where the Angels version of I Put A Spell On You appeared?  Well, it's like a 4 out of a scale of one to ten unless you really want to check out Kate Winstead's body cause she's buck ass nekked in this deal.  From a male point of view, she's smoking hot (as well she should have been being all of 24 when Holy Smoke was filmed. ... we were all hot as hell at 24. .. right?)

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