Thursday, May 03, 2012

It's raining.  Had to postpone putting Sparkle Plenty in the lake.  Damn it all.

One of our properties is up for lease and it's being advertised.  Stupid people comments and questions are flooding my e-mail account.  Shit happens.

The lease is expiring on another property and the tenant wants a 13 month lease instead of 12.  While that might be the good news, the bad is that the end of the 13th month is in the middle of summer.  After cleaning, painting, remodeling parts of the home, it will be August until the place is ready for lease.  August is the last month of the year that's optimum to lease or rent homes as everyone usually settles in for work or school come Sept and not looking for places to rent.  Grrr.

Our friend the Pomeranian breeder had a visit last week from the local animal control authorities.  Last week the authorities confiscated all 22 of her dogs pending a hearing.  That was yesterday.  Judgement:  Loss of all but five dogs citing that there's a five dog household limit in Cowtown city limits.  No regard for being a breeder or not.  Used to be okay not not so today.    Grrrrr.  She's crushed.  Poor dogs.  Double grrrr.  The only good news is that the breeder was able to place the 17 dogs with friends and fellow breeders. 

It's a lock and load kind of day.

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