Saturday, May 05, 2012

They're Like That

New pups are always a joy.  They're clueless when it comes to the delights theirs for the pickin's.  No begging.  No big sad eyes.  No sweating me out for morsels. 

Somehow they get clued in.  Who does that anyway?  You know, dogs know what the rustle of a potato chip bag can mean or what the opening of the freezer door can bring them (treat balls, chew sticks).   They know the sound.  When it's made they're there in a heartbeat.  Big time.  Ready for any morsel large or small. 

It's not good to feed pets table scraps or goodies.  In the long run anything other than a dog's kibble or wet food is apt to cause problems.    Chocolate off the get go is poison for any dog.  Rarely, if ever do any of the three dogs get anything "bad".  But they love Cheerios which seem harmless enough in small amounts.  Kiti, the middle Pom, can catch a single Cheerio flying right at her.  Nine times out of time she never misses a catch.  How's that for mouth/eye coordination?

I wouldn't want to come back as a dog.  Constantly sitting, begging for things I can't or should not have would drive me nuts.  Unless my mistress is a comely, shapely blonde for if the case it would likely be pure joy humping her leg every chance I'd get. Joy!  Joy!  Joyyyy!!!!

Males of any species are like that.

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