Friday, December 30, 2011

Winner Winner

Wednesday evening was Winner, Winner, Anniversary Dinner!  Yes, another year of maritial bliss for me and Wifey.  Well, most of the time it's like that. ... name one marriage that's perfect. .. can ya, can ya can ya?

Dawn and Keith dined with us at our favorite Italian place.

We've known the restaurant owner for quite some time.  Knowing that we were celebrating an anniversary, our owner friend ordered up a dessert gift of cherries jubilee.

Step one:  heat up the cherries.

Step two:  Add some sort of hooch.

Then the damn thing goes up in flames.  Freaks me out.  I crawl under the table yelling, FIRE IN THE HOLE!  FIRE IN THE HOLE!   DUCK AND COVER!!!!  DUCK AND COVER!!!! 

I calm down, crawl out from under the table and find a dish of ice cream and cherries waiting for me.   Yummmmeeeeee!

During dessert Wifey opens my gift of a pair of gold earrings and reads the wording on the accompanying card out loud.

The front of the card read:  "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!  You know, the secret to a happy marriage is how often you say those three little words."

Betcha can't guess what those three little words are.  No one at the table could.

Wifey opened the card and read this:  "Let's eat out."

And now you know the secret to maritial bliss . ...

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Evalinn said...

Lol, I guess we´re heading in the right direction. We´re celebratin our first anniversary tomorrow, and guess what? We´re eating out! :-D

Congrats on the anniversary, and that desert looks dangerously delicious! :-)

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