Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Suicide By Fast Food

The way people scarf down fast food knowing well what it's doing to their bodies it makes one think they all have a major death wish.  You've heard of death by cop. ... someone who taunts law enforcement into shooting them as an act of quasi suicide.  Same deal with fast food junkies. .. . taunting Burger King, Wendy's, KFC and the like. ... thinking . .. Go ahead and kill me, man. ... I dare you.  See if your grunts will make me die. ...

That burger up there?  You just have to ask yourself how much is enough?  Double patty.  Double cheese.  Bacon.  Mayo.  Well over a thousand calories and many, many grams of fat and sodium.  Way more than just enough. Tasty?  Yeah.  But "tasty" could be had with a lot less of everything.  Hold the mayo, bacon, cheese, one patty instead of two, hold the fries and soft drink (water can and does quench thirst).  Bingo.  Still something tasty from a fast food joint but a lot less of what chokes the arteries and puts weight on.

Fast food places come up with the damnest things which really go against the grain of being healthy.  Take this number concocted by Denny's.  It's a bacon sundae with ice cream and maple syrup.  Yikes!  End a high fat/calorie/sodium meal with that and brother, you're way over your limit of daily intake.

Forget hitting Denny's and expect to order this one.  It's been taken off of their menu. 

Next time you think of scarfing down some fast food think first before ordering:  You are what you eat.

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Evalinn said...

I know, it´s kind of sick the way we are around food and candy this time of year. At work this last week, when someone puts a bowl of candy next to the coffee machine, it only takes like 15 minutes and it´s empty. U´d think we are a bunch of wolfes that haven´t been fed for weeks...

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