Friday, December 16, 2011


Remember the Cookie Monster on Sesame Street.  Get me around cookies to be baked or that are baked and it's COOOOOKEEEE! time for Bob.  Whether cooked or not, I'm into COOOOOKEEE!

Yesterday Wifey, Gracie and her step-sister Hanna whipped up a whole bunch of of COOOOKEEEES!

Grace's mom is out of town for several days so the girls spent the night making that the perfect time for COOOKEEEE! making.

The "ladies" must have made 3 or 4 dozen cookies or more.  Once out of the oven and cooled, the girls wrapped a half dozen or more into packages then set out to deliver each one to our neighbors. 

Hanna's proud of her works of COOOKEEE! art.

Wifey's thinking (and I know her well). .. .what the hell did I get myself into?

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