Thursday, December 22, 2011

All In Your Head

What's printed above is especially true this time of year.  We're all thinking of holidays like the story book families on TV have.  Ozzie and Harriet.  The Waltons.  Beavis and Butthead (hahahaha).  You've seen them.  You know what I'm saying.

Time to wrap your head around what's best for your family and create your own traditions.  Break the mold.  Do your own thing. 

Instead of that family gathering where mass consumption, pig out/stuff your face until you puke holiday dinner, do this:

First thing, let the relatives do their own thing and take care of themselves.  Vow to leave the television off.  Then redefine, if for only one year, how you celebrate the holidays: 

Get out of the house.  Take a walk.  See a movie.  Feed the birds.  Hand out dollar bills to the homeless (from the money saved from putting on the fancy dinner).  Have a drink at a bar located on skid row (makes you count your blessings).  Pack a picnic basket and go for a long drive.  Have friends over for a holiday meal.  Play a few board games.  Walk in the woods or along the beach.  Do a nature study in photos.


Do I practice what I preach.  Amen, brother.  I do, I did, I will.   Yes, Wifey and I have done all of those things that are listed here (including getting a speeding ticket on Christmas Day while taking that long drive in the mountains).

Time to get that picture out of your head of the way things should be and reinvent your pattern of living.  Routine can be boring.  Even a speeding ticket on a holiday (cops have no mercy) can be exciting.

Ya think?

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Evalinn said...

Thank you Bob, I so needed to read this right now! :-D

Have a great weekend!

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