Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tough To Say No

Wifey and Grace visited our friend and Pom breeder Trilvie yesterday.  The two partners in "crime" wanted to check out an 8 week old dog that Trilvie feels is show dog material.  What cutie!

On each visit Grace lays down on the floor with one of Trilvie's pups.  This is what always happens.  Lick, lick. .. giggle, giggle, lick, giggle, lick. ... and so on. 

It's tempting to bring another dog in the family which would make for a three dog night (if you remember what that is, you're an oldie but probably a goodie).  Three dogs makes for more dog food and an addition to an already expensive vet bill.  I'm happy but two but hells bells, who could refuse a cutie like this?

It was tough to say thank you but no thank you.

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