Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Perfect Gift?

Always stumped when it comes to buying something for your boss or loved one who has everything?  Or how about an office gift for your secret pal or even your BFF? 

In this world there is always something for everyone and here's one fine example:

Yup, here it is.  Penis boxers for chicks and "dicks" who have everything.  Sold by David Shorts on line for about 20 bucks.  Damn, talk about a gift that keeps on giving.

I'm buying this one to wear around the Elks Lodge pool this summer.  This is certain to get the 85 year old widow chicks going.

I'll go up to a group of them and ask, "Know much about real estate?"  And of course they'll look dumb founded.

Then I'll point to my David Shorts penis and ask, "Is this a 'lot'?"

Get it?  Get it?  Huh, do ya get it?

Looks like they're a hit with the college set.  Kind of makes ys wanna go RAH! RAH! RAHHH!

There's a penis for everyone at David Shorts.  Like this stubby model.

This girl seems to think that size doesn't matter.  She's loving those stubby dick shorts.   RAH! RAH!

If you're interested here's the link.  Better get it on if you're buying 'cause there's only 24 shopping days left until Christmas.




La Roo said...

That puts new twist to chick with a dick.
My question would be back to you about the real estate lot is....how much sweat equity will it require?

Bob said...

Hahahaha, Laroo. This has to be the best come back on this really old joke.

No sweat for equity, girl. :)

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