Tuesday, November 09, 2010

California Dreaming

Leaves on the backyard fence.  Autumn is passing and it's beginning to feel like winter.  Cloudy.  Cold.  Wet.  Northern California is a lot different than the California portrayed in many films.  Our weather is much like what's found in Oregon.  Apart from the cloudy, cold and wet weather there's a bit of snow, too.  Not of that stuff falls in Cowtown but it can be easily found 20 minutes east, west or north.

I'm a Californian who is guilty of California dreaming.  San Diego would be the choice of relocation.  Fairly warm in the winter.  Very little rain.  Sailing year 'round.  That's my kind of California dreaming. 

Today I'll bundle up.  Rake some leaves.  Take the dogs on a long walk. Complete a few repairs on the sailboat.  Try to figure out why we still have rats in the stacks of wood.  Warm some split pea soup for dinner.  Relax by the fire.

If that sounds good I'd say you're definitely Northern California Dreaming  . . . .   

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La Roo said...

Your California an my California are worlds away. I think you should relocate to San Diego. Then us couples would have a much easier time getting together for dinner or going to a movie. Your California is way more rural and lots of fresh air. That's sounds nice to me right now. A bit burry though. 75 here today.

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