Monday, November 29, 2010

Life in Sixth Gear

So you're wondering where I've been since November 11th.  Are you?  Or are you of the opinion, "Frankly Scarlet, I don't give a damn."  1,477 posts here and I temporarily ran out of things to write about.  Really, I did.  Just didn't care to write about anything.  For once Bob was speechless.

You should know that life on this end is like driving a fine tuned Italian sports car down Interstate 5 in the middle of nowhere in 6th gear.  Low rpm's.  Only the sound of the clock ticking.  Beautiful scenery.  A beer in one hand, a burger in the other . . . all the while steering with my knees.  That would be a Bob trick, don't you know?    I can do that very well.  Tacos are hard to manage at 80 plus mph but a burger is definitely no big thing.

Life on this end is low if any stress.  Great scenery.  Lots of fun.  Lots of experiences.  Stuff like that.  Life is nothing like it used to be . . . life was used to be much like the Freddy Fender song, Wasted Days and Wasted Nights (which was about love lost but my version is about happily losing a vocation).  Work is such a waste given the alternative.

Now my time is spent gardening, repairing/upgrading Sparkle Plenty, dinner with friends and family, spending time with grand daughter Grace, walking the dogs/playing fetch/running around the yard chasing each of them, reading (lots of that), reflecting (never had any time for that), cooking (a favorite of mine), shopping, cleaning or re-arranging the garage (a never ending task), some time on the computer (I limit that as it would be easy to spend all of my time in front of a keyboard and screen), doing a little photography (note to self...print and frame some of the outstanding photos I've taken), scheming how to rid our property of the rats who travel from the neighboring ranch to our backyard and patio, ....

You get the picture.  Bob's in sixth gear without a care or worry in the world.

In synch with this post is the photo of Gracie and her voice coach Mr. Jimmy.  Wifey and Grace drive to Mr. Jimmy's studio every Thursday for a half hour voice lesson.  They've been doing that for 18 months.  Jimmy wants to enter Grace in talent contests but I'm thinking that's too much too soon.  Give the girl time, let her gain confidence, let her sing to small audiences of friends and family, allow Grace to get her feet firmly planted in the world of music first.  Stage fright is a horrible thing to experience.  Why risk exposing our girl to that possibility so very early in the game? 

Love this photo, don't you?

So I'm back . . . at least for this post.  I had to shift from sixth gear to second or third to write this.  That said, life is all about shifting or changing up when it's called for.

Don't you think?


La Roo said...

Glad you're back. I know, we all run out of things to write about every now and then. For myself and I know as well as others probably it all becomes common place to check on the people we follow and when you don't see them in a certain amount of time posting it makes you wonder.
It's so nice to know you are cruisin through life and lovin it. You deserve every frickin minute.
I feel bad if you had to down shift to write this. Please don't let my antics put you in the slow lane. I didn't realize where you were and just missed your posts.
Yes, please put the beautiful picutres in a frame. They want to shine along with you.

Bob said...

No problem shifting down to write. I should do more shifting down...sitting still than I do. Always moving and a groovin'...that's Bob for ya, Laroo. Thanks for checking up on me, girl.

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