Monday, November 08, 2010

Food Truck Boogie

 I love food truck grunts.  A food truck with yummy grunts is a tough commodity in Cowtown.  There's only a couple and probably only one worth patronizing.  For my money that would be Romo's Tacos.

Romo's truck sits from 11-5 six days a week in a parking lot in a not so savory part of Cowtown (right next to a motel that caters to meth heads).  Tasty Mexican cooked up by Romo and his wife.  Quick service.  El Cheap-o prices.   Two tacos, a canned soda runs ya three fifty.  Deal.   Right up my alley.  I could eat Mexican 7 days a week and still come back for more.

Last Friday I thought it would be a good idea to share my little dining secret with Wifey and several friends.  We met at 11:30 at Romo's place.  There's only one table and four chairs so I loaded the truck with a table and chairs from home.  Our friends thought it was a riot that I brought along table and chairs but I said, "Hey, beats the hell out of sitting the bed of the truck."   Wifey said that this is what Bob does.  And she's right.

Then I opened the doors of the pickup truck, tuned the radio to a Latino music station, and cranked up the sound for everyone to hear.  Wifey and the three friends thought this touch was over the top Bob for ya.  Yeah, Bob can still be over the top once in a while.

Our friend writes for the local paper and decided on the spot to write a restaurant review on Romo's complete with photos.  It will be interesting to read what he has to say especially with his dining buddies.  I think he got a photo of Bob scarfing down a burrito.    Bet Romo's gets a bit more business from his review.  When you're a little guy in business for youself there's nothing like free advertising.

We ate.  We talked.  We laughed.  We struck up conversations with other customers.  They were mostly blue collar dudes on lunch break looking to eat on the cheap.  Good group.  No druggies were up and at 'em at noon to eat at Romo's.  I liked that part. 

When we finished eating we walked next door to one of those stores that stocks grow lights, grow trays, fertilizer, tubs, trays, 8 foot stalks of bamboo, trimming machines, plastic bag . . .. everything one would need to grow pot at home. 

More than a few people entered the store while we were there to buy their shit to grow dope.  Unlike buying a taco from Romo this stuff doesn't come cheap.  In spite of the pricing people were buying stuff like it was no big deal and that it was legal not only to grow marijuana but to sell it, too.  And I'm talking about buying enought equipment to grow a little of the stuff.  People were buying to grow dozens and dozens of plants.  In board daylight.  In a public place.  With no fear of being busted.

As singer/song writer Bob Dylan once wrote, "The times. . . .they are a changin'...."

Anyway, in the dope growers store I found a neat bottle of organic fertilizer called Wet Betty.  Just had to take a photo for you guys.  Ain't she cute?

It was a fun outing.  Good food.  Educational.  Good company.  We'll have to do it again.


Bigger said...

Taco trucks are non existing around here. In fact I have only seen one restuarant on wheels and that was about 5 years ago. But I will say this. We have a mexican lady who comes to the sales lot every friday and opens up the back doors of her suburban. Inside are pots and pans of tamales, rice, beef, pork, chicken and beans and shells. She will sell you a plate of real homemade mexican food. You can lean up against the spare tire in the back while she makes your plate. This is one thing I always look forward to on fridays.

Bob said...

I could easily convert to Mexican food as a steady diet.

I'd love to see you photograph and post on your blog more about your Friday visitor. She sounds like the real deal, Bigger.

La Roo said...

That looks like a good time had by all.
I love mexican food also. We have two hole in the wall places right by us that are pretty darn good. Maybe when you visit us someday we'll take you.

La Roo said...

I love you went the extra mile with the table and chairs!!

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