Friday, November 05, 2010

My City Was Gone

It wasn't long ago that time was taken to visit my old hometown in Nebraska.  Lord, how it had changed. 

My city was gone.  There was no train station.  There was no downtown.  How did it disappear? The small town I loved and knew so well had melted into shopping malls and urban sprawl.  I was stunned.

Sensing my mood Wifey put a Pretender's CD in the trucks sound system.  I pulled over at a nearby park, opened up all of the doors on the truck, cranked up the sound, played this tune and danced on the freshly cut grass with Wifey.

It was one of those Kodak moments...........

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La Roo said...

She was on her toes thinking about this song at the right time. Sometimes change is good, sometimes change hurts. I guess it's inevidible either way. Hmmmm.

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