Friday, November 18, 2011

Unconditional Love Sucks

You've heard the term Unconditional Love.  This means that no matter what a loved one does you accept them for who they are.  Accept, defined in my book, is putting up with their bullshit.  Unconditional love is bunk.

I recently offed a couple we had friended.  They were sucking the happiness out of me.  The relationship was all about what the wife and I could do for them with nothing coming back our way.  Give, give. . .and more give. .. finally, I got it.  Enough was enough.  Don't get me wrong.  Nice people.  Takers but not givers.  Maybe they were not so nice after all.  No time for these types.  Life is too short.

Then there's a few relatives.  No names and no identifying their relationship to the wife and I.  Let's just say there are several who are no longer in our circle.   In a nutshell, they are users, whinners, takers, finger pointers, abusers, and narcissistic. 

If there's a point in this post it is about how much is enough.  When you've had enough of someones personality do you douse your feelings with the unconditional love deal and let it slide?  Or, do you listen to the little voice in your heads that seems get louder with every contact of "that person". .. the voice that is saying, "Enough is enough!"

Life is too short to put up with anyone who sucks the happiness out of you.   

Think about this at your Thanksgiving dinner table when that asshole friend or relative of yours has once again ruined a family holiday and sucked the happiness out of the day.    How much is enough?

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La Roo said...

I agree, about sucking happiness out of you. It only works if they suck you and make you happy. Except if it's a family member....eeeeeew.

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