Monday, November 21, 2011

Pacific Ocean Thanksgiving

Tomorrow two dogs and the wife saddle up with Bob for a ride to the ocean.  6 hours from Cowtown is a beach in Oregon with our name on a parking space in an RV park.  7 days worth of RV parking, rain or shine, we'll be there.

This said, wind gusts to 45 miles an hour, surf between 15 and 30 feet predicted tomorrow and Wednesday for this area.  And that's not to mention the buckets of rain being promised, too.  What the hell, go low and go slow. . . . one way or another, we're gonna get there.

You looking at photos of our last visit.  We were parked in space 81 then and space 81 is our for this next visit. 

Ocean out the back door.  Pounding surf at night. 

Great place to give thanks for all of our blessings (and curses, too).


La Roo said...

Ok I'm hearing all kinds of crazy weather reports for that area.............It's wet and windy and cold.
Forget that! Turn around go home and plan a trip to Cancun next May. Much more realxing and the sun feels so good and guess what? They have a gorgeous ocean that's warm. Warm is the key word. I'll be expecting to hear from you and wifey telling of how you thought you might need to join us there just once and if you don't like it you can go back to the freezing cold blustery beach. :)

Bob said...

Crap! Buckets of rain. Winds last night so strong Wifey through the rig was going to blow over. Winds were gusting at 50 miles and hour plus making for close to a sleepless nigh. All said, nice to be here. Everything is wet including a carpeted area where rainwater managed to get in. Dogs are wet. We're wet from taking them out to do their biz... wet towels from drying the dogs. . .etc... you get the picture....Canned Coon does sound mighty nice right now.

Rain and wind through tomorrow with much better weather come Friday. Fingers crossed.

Evalinn said...

That´s awesome, have a great trip. I love the ocean!

Evalinn said...

Ooops, just read your comment now. Sorry about the weather. Hope at least you can stay dry and spend time blogging and reading?

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