Monday, November 07, 2011

Douche of Earl

I'm taking my act on the road.  It's called Chef Watsoni, The Douche of Earl.  I'll make a grand entrance much like Gene Chandler.  Sing a bunch old songs and do some new rap/hiphop shit.  The Douche of Earl will be first on the song list.  Then I'll cook some food on stage, maybe some barbecued ribs or those snails with stuff packed in their shells.  Pass it all around.  Scarf and barf y'all. . . .that's what I'll tell the crowd.  Scarf and barf y'all!!!

Hell of an act.  Everyone will want to dance and eat with the Douche of Earl.  Who wouldn't want to?  Are ya in?  Coming soon to your city.  Watch for it.


La Roo said...

Will you wear the cape? Maybe the cape and nothing else? (maybe black socks?)
The audience will swoon. I think you got something there.

Bob said...

Damn right, I'll wear the cape! Complimentary tickets for the first concert are headed your way!!

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