Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Shutting This Blog Down

6 years.

1,800 posts.



La Roo said...


La Roo said...

Just to let you know.
I don't care how goofy or "quacked" you are. All I know is that when I started blogging 4 and a half years ago I never knew that I would strike up a friendship like the one I have with you and become real friends with someone over the internet. Life hands us things in different ways and it's awesome. I feel I've gotten a peek into your life. You've shared so many wonderful things like you wife and family and boats and everyday life. I feel as if I know them and you. Someday we will meet my friend.....in due time.
I understand that you are done blogging (at least for now) :) I feel that way sometimes, but I hold this place open as a place for me to escape and see a familiar face. Be it everyday or once a month, I hope you can do the same .
Thanks for all the smiles and laughter that you've brought to your blog.
We will keep in touch.

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