Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Love Shack

Thanksgiving this year amounted to a five hour drive to the Oregon coast.  We've spent a lot of time vacationing in Oregon.  Spending the holiday seemed like a good idea. 

Here's our camp.  Not too shabby, eh?

I pulled the LOVE SHACK onto the beach around 2 in the afternoon in the midst of a major wind and rain storm.  Gusts up to 50 miles an hour. . . cats and dogs coming down in buckets.  Braving the elements was a whole lotta fun getting the trailer off of the hitch, leveled, stabliized,  utilities connected and most important of all . . . get the satellite dish positioned just right (142 degrees southwest, elevation 36 degrees) . . . cause I was ready for some football . . .only after peeling off the soaking wet clothes.  Man, was I cold and wet.

Even though it was storming, Wifey managed to roast a turkey breast.  We had planned on grilling it outside on the Weber but hells, bells . . . winds over 50 miles an hour and buckets of rain do not a cookout make.

Damn, that was good.

We camped next to a marina that was home to the local Coast Guard station, a number of fishing vessels, a fair number of sailboats and pleasure craft.  It was enjoyable walking the each of the many docks and check out each boat.  Here's a retired vessel waiting for restoration as a museum piece.

Here's what the Coasties are using in its place.  Makes my blood run wild just thinking of how fun it would be to skipper that puppy over major surf. 

Then there were the walks on the beach.  Wifey and Zeenie are looking a bit wind blown.

An old dog trying to teach young dog Kiri some tricks as well as orienting the young pup that sea water is not worth sipping. 

I'm out of focus here.   Maybe Wifey was just thrilled that I was willing to have my picture snapped and got all excited hence the fuzzy photo.  Last Friday it was prime rib night at the local Elks Lodge and we just couldn't miss that!

I snapped a photo of Wifey working (working?) at the computer and then said, Smile, damn it!  And she did. . . and here it is, Wifey smiling.

Then there were the sunsets on each of the 6 nights spent camping.  Oh, the sunsets. . . .

We've lived in many places but our most favorite was living on the California coast.  The salt air.  The sound of the surf.  Fresh seafood.  Seagulls crapping on everything (yeah, even that I miss).  Beachcombing.   And oh, the sunsets.

Wifey?  Same time next year?

Cute video... watch the whole thing:

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La Roo said...

You two definitely had a love shack. What a great little video.

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