Monday, June 06, 2011

Okay Already

Okay already.  I've been busy.  The home you see is vacant and needs a new tenant.  For the past 7 days it's been fix this, paint that, replace that, hire someone to do something I can't.  You get the picture.  The wallet is not half full but half empty. . . . just like the glass.  The place needs to be leased so the bleeding can be stopped.

New living room rug.

New garage door (don't ask).

Interior and exterior paint.

Replace the dryer vent.

Down one large oak tree.

Replace the water heater.

Refinish the guest bath tub.

There more but need I add to this list.  Nope.  Not necessary.

Finding a good, good tenant is difficult.  Ones that do not smoke, do not have pets, who will not grow weed in the backyard, who are reasonably employed with sufficient income to make the lease payments, with credit histories that look half way decent. ... etc., etc.,. ... etc., ......are hard to come by.  We've talked to a few and so far each are many fries short of a Happy Meal. 

Sure, we could have picked one of them out this first bunch and leased the place for a year to them.  But at what price in the long run?  In one year would there have been holes in the wall?  Would there have been many late or missed lease payments?  How about damage to the appliances?  One can't be too careful in letting just anyone live in an asset worth over a quarter million bucks. 

That's what has been taking my time.  It's been raining most every day meaning working at the rental is a good thing as it's too wet to sail.  This said, the weather this week is forecast as being over 80 and sunny.  It all starts tomorrow.

Hmmmmm.  Come tomorrow......   Rental?  Or sailing?  Rental?  Sailing?  Okay, sailing!


Mike said...

Is this the house formerly occupied by the doctor?

Bigger said...

Did you paint a dirty message on the garage door to make the tennanets move out?

If you did I saw it on television.

Bob said...

Mike: Nope.

Bigger: Glad you're back but should know that I can't post on your blog . . . something's messed up on this end. If nothing else, I'm with you in spirit, pal.

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