Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I Like Your Jib!

Yesterday I was on Sparkle Plenty readying her for a shake down sail to make certain all was in place before taking on passengers.  Inside the salon I had just changed from jeans into shorts when I hear a female voice, "I like your jib!"

Shit, I thought.  Someone caught me changing into my sailing shorts and likes my jib?  Hahahahaha, the little voice in my head cried out.

I climbed up onto the deck and there was Leslie, a college age female who works each summer at the marina.

Me:  You like my what?

Leslie:  Your furling jib.  I love it.

Me:  Oh.  Yeah, a furling jib a good thing.  Would like a furling mainsail.  It would make single handing the boat a lot easier.  Have you sailed much?

Leslie:  Naw, I haven't sailed for a while (typical answer I get from most who I put this question to).

Me:  You're welcome to come sailing anytime.  There's always room for more.

Leslie went back to her marina duties and I returned to readying the boat for sailing.  As I watched her walk down the dock I thought to myself that back in the college days young ladies made over other attributes I had.  Never did I think there would be a day when a twenty something lady would be taken with the furling jib on my sailboat.

If Leslie does come sailing I wonder if she will squeal with delight when I unfurl the jib?  I should get that on video.

Ya think?

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