Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's About The Music, He Said!

I love leaving the marina at the helm of Sparkle Plenty.  And everyone on the dock knows Bob is headed out for a day's worth of sailing.  How?

16 year old Bob (the inner me) cranks up the boat's sound system (speakers inside her and out) usually with something like this.  Puts a smile on my face.  People smile back.  I wave.  I toot the boat's horn.  Ring the ship's bell (my way of saying, Hells Bells!) If you can't make  a lot of noise in this life why bother?

Today I'm taking the neighbor kid sailing.  He's home from law school and itching to sail.  I'm gonna see what this kid is made of starting with the music 'cause he'll soon learn that it's not only about the sailing but IT'S ABOUT THE MUSIC!!, too.

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La Roo said...

Do you do a tribal dance on deck while pushing off? Painted face , colored grass anklets and bone in your nose? Twirling fire sticks?

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