Friday, June 17, 2011

Got No Smell Like That One

If you follow What About Bob? you've seen photos of the truck.  Here's one where it's hooked up to the 12,000 pound fifth wheel we own.  Three tip-out slides make it a heavy mother to haul.  But with the Cummings diesel it has the truck can haul that damn thing up any mountain without breaking a sweat with pedal to spare.

Wifey is taking the truck to Oregon this weekend.  It's her aunt's 85th birthday and for some reason wants to drive the truck and leave her BMW at home with me. 

So I had the truck washed this morning just for Wifey at one them fancy places where you can add on service 'till ya hit 25 bucks.  Like tire dressing.  Under the truck wash.  On top of the truck wash, too.  Wax.  Window wash inside.  And stinky fragrance.

Washer Dude:  What smell you want sprayed in your truck.

Me:  How many kinds you got?

Washer Dude:  We got 'em all.

Me:  Okay, I want weed smell. 

Washer Dude:  Huh?  Weed smell?

Me:  Yeah, weed smell.  You know, dope, marijuana.  I want my truck to smell like that.

Washer Dude:  Don't got that in a bottle but tell ya what, when we're done pull her around back and we'll do a joint inside of your truck.  We'll toke it up and weed it up real good.

Needless to say, I passed on partying with Washer Dude and optioned for some vanilla scent.  If nothing else Washer Dude will have yet another story to share with his "buds" after work tonight.

So, next photo here of a rubber vulture sitting on the truck which is parked in the driveway of the house.  A couple of times a month I put the vulture on the truck just to see how many cars stop to gawk at it.  And stop they do.  They look and look and look just waiting for the vulture to move.

Sometimes it gets down to this:  What else do I have to do?

Okay, I could go to the car wash and ask for weed fragrance.

Each definitely comes under the heading of ALL ABOUT BOB...............

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