Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wifey Has A Party

Yesterday was Wifey's birthday.  All the kids arrived around 5 dinner at 6.  Pasta.  Salad.  French bread.  It must have been delish . . . Scott had three plates filled with pasta and sauce.

Then it was time for Wifey to read her birthday cards.

Open presents.

Be surprised by a one of a kind birthday cake. . .. it was gluten free.

Dawn brought the cake into the living room in all its firery glory.

Wifey took a moment to check it out.

Then she took another moment to think what she would like to wish for . . . you know, the birthday wish that comes with blowing out the candles.

And then she blew them out.

Here's the crowning touch to Wifey's birthday.  As her gift Gracie bought two tickets to the Justin Bieber 3D film, Never Say Never.  It opened that day at the Cowtown Cineplex.  Hmmm, I asked Gracie for the second time who the gift was really for.  No answer.  Just a big smile.

The tickets were for 9:30 that evening.  Two very tired females left the house at 9 and returned at 11:30. . .. even more tired than when they left.  Gracie had purple lips and tongue. .. which at first I thought were from non stop screaming for dear Justin Bieber.  Wrong.  An icee on the way home, she said.

The last photo in the series says it all.  It was one of Wifey's favorite birthdays. 

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