Monday, February 28, 2011


It snowed last week in Cowtown.  Those who predict the weather say it's going to snow again this week.  And they call this global warming?

These photos were taken during the first hours of our California snowstorm.  A total of 3 or more inches fell by late afternoon.

When most think of California the last thing to cross their mind is snow falling in the Golden State.   Yet here it is.

Wifey just had to get a shot of her stud enjoying the snow.  All the white in my hair is snow. .. yeah, right, Bob.  Does my butt look okay in these jeans?

Both dogs did seem a bit confused as to how to react to what was falling from the sky.  Kiri tried to eat the falling snow and did have some luck doing that. Zeenie wanted to play ball. . . come rain, shine, snow or high water. . . it's always ball time for that girl. 

A cooper stll turned upside down collected snow.  A sundial set on its bottom made for an interesting photo.

Next door the neighbors built a snowman in their backyard (not shown here). 

And Sparkle Plenty sat alongside the house collecting snow and longing for the day that she will be put back in the lake. 

Tomorrow is the first day of March.  Spring and warm weather is just around the corner.  I can hardly wait for some global warming.


weeder said...

I have 4 feet of snow in my back yard, and the daily high hasn't been above -10 F for about two weeks. It's too damn cold to go toboganning, cross country skiing or snowshoeing, as the 20 MPH winds make frostbite a very real possibility for exposed skin.

Enjoy your brief taste of winter.

Bob said...

4 feet of snow?! Yow!!! Makes us look like a bunch of woosies....

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