Friday, February 11, 2011

Whazz Up!

The girls:  Kiri and Zeenie.  Photographed by Gracie taken past Tuesday.  Kiri is just over a year old and in training to be certified as a therapy dog.  Zeenie is three.  She was certified just a bit after her first birthday.

They're lively, active pups who are always up for a game of chase or fetching a ball.  Bring out the leashes, they become nutcases chomping at the bit to get out of the house for a long walk.

Today's Wifey's birthday.  The whole fam damnly will be over for dinner, cake and presents.  It's spaghetti . . .their choice of a meat/tomato sauce I've prepared or a clam/herb sauce.  French bread.  Salad.

Grace will spend the night.  Her gift to her grandmother is two tickets to see Justin Bieber's film that was released today.  It's in 3-D.   I asked Grace last week just before buying the pre-sale tickets, "Is this for Grammy or all about you?"  Grace looked at me and just grinned.

That girl's a chip off the old block.  Eight years old and she's already working the angles.

Happy Birthday, Wifey!

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La Roo said...

Happy birthday Wifey!

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