Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No Way To Start The Day

5 a.m. this morning Kiri's barfing her guts out.  That damn dog will eat anything and everything she finds.  Try as we must to keep everything away from her Kiri always finds some Tom, Dick or Harry thing to chew on and swallow. This morning Kiri barfed up the plastic insides of a dog toy she had taken apart yesterday.

How I hate starting my day out so early and to the sound of dog barfing.

The good news is that she barfs up whatever she ingests.  Otherwise Kiri would have to go under the knife to remove whatever it was she couldn't puke or poop out her system.  We're talking big money for that type of procedure.

Kiri's but a year old.  One day soon she'll outgrow the need to put anything and everything in her mouth.  Before then hopefully we'll all survive.

1 comment:

La Roo said...

Glad she's ok.
Our wiener swallowed a palm tree seed and it got stuck.
Not a pretty sight!

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