Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gotta Get One

 I gotta get me one of them burger presses . .. a Stuffed Burger Press.

I already have a burger press.  The stuffed burger press is a whole 'nother deal-ee-bob.

The press makes two burger patties.  One of them has like a valley in the middle.  Put stuff in the valley like cheese or fried onions or pickles, chillies (those canned Ortega things) . . . bacon. . .oh gawd, bacon!  ....anything you like on a burger could go there.

Slap the patty without the valley on top of the one with the valley.  Kind of pat it down and together.

Fry or grill that baby up.

Bingo.  New burger ball game.  I think it's a home run!

Twelve bucks through Williams Sonoma on line.  Amazon sells a couple of stuffed burger presses but they're both 20 bucks and up.

Or, you could do it yourself. . .. probably would be messy.  Don't drink a lot of beer before putting the stuffed burgers together and you could probably make do without one of those 12 buck presses.  Hell, drink a lot of beer and get crazy with it.  Your guests will yell out, "HEY!  Look what the hell I found in my burger!!" 

I'm getting one.

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La Roo said...

I'm not so sure about all that fall-de-rall.
I like my meat hand formed with no frills and some nice fresh buns. ;)

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