Sunday, January 31, 2010

You're Vibin' Me

You've been there, felt this....some people give off terrible vibes.  Negative.  Angry, chip on their shoulder stuff just comes out of their every pore and passes over to you.  Some call it bad Karma.  I call it Vibing me. Note to self:  Steer clear of those who regularly vibe me.  I'll be much happier.

There's one or two people around me who always put outebad, bad vibes.  Horrible.  They're such unhappy people who make to make certain that everyone else around them is unhappy, too.  Their goal is that if they're miserable by golly everyone around them is going to be miserable, too.  And they do.  Makes me want to take out my favorite handgun and put them out of their misery.  Here!  Take this....and that!

The new approach to these miserable sons of bitches or bitches::  You're vibing me and I'm outta here.  I don't think it will be understood what that means. It's likely the sentiment will be this:  Bob's lost one of his wing nuts again and who cares.  The important piece is that I've not stuck around to absorb their bad vibes.  No more vibing me.

A new t-shirt with a message will be ordered to read like this:  Are You Vibing Me? OR, You Will Not Vibe Me.  OR, Vibe Free Zone.

Peace to you and peace on anyone who tries to vibe old Bob.

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