Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Puppy Visitation 

Grace and Wifey often take a little time to visit a breeder who specializes in Pomeranian's.  It was time yesterday for one of their  visits.

At a tender age of 8 months we started Grace's training on how to properly care for and manage small dogs.  At age 7 years Grace does well with most any dog all due to consistent guidance of what to do and how to do it right.

Our oldest Pom, Zoe, is having issues.  When the issues began we thought it a good idea to retire her from her role as a pet therapy animal.  It was time.   In dog years Zoe has led a long life.  Regrettably, Zoe will most likely pass sometime this year.

We're thinking another dog will be brought into the house sometime thereafter.  It's a good thing to have more than one dog. 

I knew that Grace would have her eye on one of the pups she saw yesterday.  She always has a favorite.

Me:  Did you see any of the pups that you really liked?

Grace:  There was one.  She was soooo sweet and cuddly.

Me:  Hmmm.  Think we should buy her?

Grace:  Oh yes.  She'd be a great dog to have.

Me - to Wifey:  So what are they asking for Pomeranian puppies these days?

Grace pipes up:  1,200.

Me:  1,200 - like in 1,200 dollars?

Grace:  1,200 dollars.

Me:  Think you can get the price down a bit?

Grace:  You bet!

It was surprising that our granddaughter had paid close attention to the financial end of buying a dog and that she remembered how much they were.   No doubt she knew what my first question would be.  

Even though there's a pup that seems right we're not quite ready to buy another dog.  The introduction of one would no doubt further stress out little Zoe.  Don't want want that as Zoe is already stressed to the max and on medication to calm her down. In her old age we're doing our very best in making certain she's comfortable.

There will always be a pup out there with our name on her.  The time just has to be right.


Joker_SATX said...

Yikes Bob...$1,200?

La Roo said...

I'm so impressed in the fact that you guys give Grace the" time of day" to embrace her in being a well rounded individual. Also think it's pretty neat that even though there might be temptation to get another puppy, you are respecting the sanity of Zoe.
$1200. doesn't really surprise me to much. I raised exotic birds for years and that is about the average price for a bird. You pay for the "Speciality" of it all.

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