Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Even A Caveman

Whether cooked at home or in a restaurant everyone likes a good taco.  Saturday Wifey and I had lunch at a local Mexican place that everyone thinks is just wonderful:  Casa Ramos.  I ordered a one taco combo plate.  It comes to the table and I wonder how a place that is supposedly so great and so authentically Mexican  serve a taco that's wrapped in a tortilla that's made in a factory somewhere in southern California.  You know the type - they serve them at Taco Bell.  Already cupped and ready to take on a taco filling, thin, little taste and easily broken.

So I summon the waitress and complained about a taco that I paid close to 9 bucks for that I could have gotten for a lot less at Taco Bell.  She listens.  Nods.  And leaves.  She didn't understand most of what I was saying.  Definitely one of those non English speaking Mexicans who (a) never bothered to learn the English language in her many years in America OR, (b) recently landed here illegally.  Whatever the case she should have never been allowed to wait tables until she had somewhat mastered English - the language that 95% of those living in Cowtown speak fluently.   

On the way out I complain to the hostess.

Me:  If I wanted a taco in a shell like that I could have gotten one at Taco Bell for a lot less.

This comment goes over like a lead balloon.  The chick goes on defense.  Bob, being a great quarterback, goes on the offense.  Hike that taco, bitch!

She:  No one complains about our tacos.

Me:  Well, they should.  Any down to earth Mexican restaurant worth a damn prepares their own tortillas for tacos and not take them out of a box.

She:  They prepare them here.  I've seen them.

Me:  I doubt that.  I know pre made - pre formed tacos when I see them.

She's lying.  Big time.  I can't believe that I'm being bullshitted by an employee of this place.  Talk about piss poor customer service.  What ever happened to "The customer is always right"?  I should have called for the manager but didn't want to make more of a stink that I had already made.  Wifey doesn't like it when I call a spade a spade in public.

So, for those of you in Cowtown who still want to eat at Casa Ramos, bitch like a MOFOS! next time you dine there that their Gringo tacos suck. As for me, not ever going back there.  If I want Gringo style Mexican there's Taco Bell at less than half the price.

Last night I'm in the mood for real tacos.  Homemade.  Shredded beef.  I buy a rolled beef roast that's large enough for a couple of meals.  It was on sale for just under two bucks a pound.  I pay just under five bucks.

Cooking a roast that comes out shredded is so easy even an caveman could do it.

Crockpot.  Put the roast in.  Pour a pint container of salsa over the roast.  Cook for 6-8 hours on low.  The aroma will drive you nuts.  When it's done take it out, shred that beef, stuff your tortilla and enjoy with lettuce, cilantro, chopped onions, sliced tomatoes and salsa.  Can't miss.

What's in your crockpot tonight?  :)

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La Roo said...

We do shredded chicken, beef and pork in the pressure cooker. Well, it's not shredded until it's cooked. Jar of salsa, cilantro, cumin,onions, serrano peppers, green chiles, not all at once but you get the picture. Or you can, and sometimes we do.
It takes like 45 minutes and you shred it up and oh my it's good eats.
Tonight baked chicken with feta and egg rolls. It's a multicultural night.:) Or maybe it's what I have in the frig.???

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