Saturday, January 09, 2010

French Luau?

Last week I'm working in the front yard.  The neighbor across the street strolls over and wants to talk.

Him:  Going to Hawaii Sunday.

Me:  Oh really?  Which island?

Him:  Maui.

Me:  We've been there several times.  Love the place.  You've got to eat at Kimo's and do a luau.  Don't do the Hawaiian luau but look for a place that puts on a French luau.  A French luau is so fun and so different.

Him:  French luau?

Me:  Yup.  French.

Him:  What's the difference between a French luau and a Hawaiian luau?

Me;  Hawaiian luau you eat the pig and sleep with the women.

Him:  So?

Me:  Get it?

Him:  Get what?  What's the difference?  So if you go Hawaiian you eat the pig and sleep with the women.

I'm thinking that this guy is soooooo dense.  So I spell it out for him.

Me:  Okay, Hawaiian luau you eat the pig and sleep with the women.  French luau you eat the women and sleep with the pig.   Get it?

Him:  I should have known, Bob.  Just watch the house for us and call if anything looks strange.  See you in a week.

So much for sharing a little off color humor with the neighbors.

NOTE TO SELF:  Stop sharing juvenile humor with over the hill neighbors.


The Smoking Redhead said...

Ok, even I got that on the first round.


Joker_SATX said...

I think he got upset with you Bob because you called his wife a Pig...

Bob said...

Smoking Red: I knew you would. It's your military background. :)

Joker: And she is. Yup, a real oinker.

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