Saturday, January 23, 2010

Water, Water, Everywhere

From last Sunday at midnight until 9:00 a.m. Saturday (today) fifteen inches of rain has fallen on the lake.  Fifteen.  To accommodate the amount of water that's fallen and to keep the lake from going over its boundaries, a Glory Hole was constructed adjacent to the lake's dam. 

Rarely do lake levels rise to a point where water spills into the Glory Hole.  Last time was seven years ago.  It's happening now.  The lake is around 110% of capacity.  Not a bad thing but not a good thing either. 

Located near our marina is an observation deck.  As you can see it's decks are awash.

Why is it that in California there's either not enough rain or too much rain?  Any rain that falls now runs off.  The ground is like a sponge full of water.  Squish!

The rain let up enough yesterday for me to open the cabin hatch and check for leaks.  I found some water in the queen bed area that had seeped in from a small opening in the stern.  The opening is covered by a rubber boot.  It's where the rudder connects to the wheel steering mechanism.  I stuffed a small towel where the wind and waves pushed water into the boat's interior.  This would take care of the problem.

I'll check the boat again today.  Nice to have an excuse to drive out to the lake.  It's an enjoyable ride.  The scenery is to die for.  The clean air is to live for.  Most definitely.


La Roo said...

First off, is it really called the glory hole? If it is ...that's great.
Second, where does the water go?
Amazing pictures by the way.. I can't believe all the rain you got. I bet you, we are still in a drought.
You are going to have to do some serious airing out of the SP. Damp gets stinky. Ewwww.
How close do you live to the lake? I'm jealous, I want to smell fresh clean air.

Bob said...

Laroo: We live 12 miles from the lake - a short drive west of town. It's basically in our backyard. And yes, check the first photo here that shows the plaque identifying the Glory Hole as indeed the Glory Hole. Water taken in drops down under and through the bottom of the dam into a creek that is a tributary of the Sacramento River.

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