Friday, January 22, 2010

Always a Surprise
 Grace used Wifey's cell phone to call me yesterday.  They were on their way home from Grace's weekly voice lesson.

Grace:  Papa, do you think you could come to school sometime and have lunch with me?

Me:  Sure, anytime Grace.  You let me know when and I'll be there.

Grace:  And would you stay after lunch, read a story to my class and tell them a little bit about yourself?

Me:  You bet.  And Grace, I have a little surprise for you.  Tomorrow I want Grammy to take you to the theater downtown (it's used primarily for performing arts) and go to the ticket office.  There's a surprise waiting for you.  

In the background I hear Grace hooting to her grandmother. She's excited.  We hang up, Wifey comes home.

Me:  What did Grace think of the surprise?  

Wifey:  She said, 'Papa always has surprises for me."

Oh, geeze, mark up a kid who I've spoiled royally.  Life is full of surprises but they're not usually pleasant ones.  Well, she's seven years old and life should be full of kick ass, fun filled surprises.  Grace will learn soon enough about the other surprises in life as she gets older.

I'd write here what the surprise is but Wifey does read What About Bob? and that would ruin the fun for her when she takes Grace to the box office.  

I later learn from Wifey that there's a motive behind Grace's request for me to visit her classroom.  Apparently most of her classmates don't believe that at one time I was the grand poo-bah of Grace's school district.  They were too young to remember that Bob was their skipper and always at the helm.

So, I'll bring my stuff to show that indeed I was there and talk about the before Bob was in charge, during and after.  My visit to Grace's classroom will be fun especially fielding the off the wall questions seven year old kids ask special guests.  

It's Friday.  It's been a long week what with the weather we've had.  Today looks like a day without rain and I'll enjoy that.  The ground is soaked and needs a break, too.

TGIF not only stands for Thank Goodness its Friday but also for an important rule when putting on socks or shoes:  Toes Go In First.

Enjoy the day.



La Roo said...

I hope you planning on telling the surprise. I feel jipped. :) Just I'm not. :)
What a lucky girl to have such a fun papa.
What story is the Grand Poobah going to read?
May I suggest, Everybody Poops. :) or Earls to cool for me or Pigeon wants a dog, "I really do".
My family has had teachers of all age groups and a principle. I like the younger kids quirky little books.
They make me happy.

Max said...

hey Dad... I may be 35 but I look forward to your surpises on my return!

Bob said...

Laroo: The surprise was tickets to the Moscow Circus coming to our town the end of February. I'll check out books you've suggested. Thanks for sharing!

Max: So you want a surprise? We're spending your inheritance.

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