Monday, November 17, 2008


Jazzy Desire, the last sailboat, anchored in a cove on a Saturday evening after a day of sailing on the lake.

Me? I'm treading water and taking this picture. Glub!

Saturday night was spent at anchor in the cove. That evening a chicken dinner was barbecued off the stern (with a gas barbecue attached to the stern rail), veggies cooked on the galley stove.

And don't you know, Wifey, as seen here, is on the cell telephone talking to lord knows who. You can take the city girl out of the city but you can't take the city out of a city girl. Goes with the territory.

It's a Monday with chores staring me in the face and you know what? I'd rather be sailing.

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La Roo said...

How absolutely great.
You're a lucky man.
Is this anywhere near where you live?

Bob said...

This is Clear Lake which is located several hours southwest of where we live. It's California's largest fresh water lake. As for being a lucky man, I think it's all in the planning. The best of life just doesn't happen for those who don't think ahead. Glad you liked the picture and the story. I think you can see why it's important to me to get back on the water.

Flyinfox_SATX said...

I would be right there with ya. Oh yeah, that looks like an awfully nice ride.

La Roo said...

Oh I agree, that you need to do some planning. Life doesn't just usually hand you things. I just really meant you look and sound like a happy guy with wife and family and your fun things you do.

Max Watson said...

Dad, we've pushed our trip out to next summer, so you've gotta find a boat before then! I imagine many people with boats are either selling them now or thinking about it. And even new boat dealers are bound to be desperate come spring time...

Life is what happens while you're busying looking for a good deal on a boat!

Bob said...

Fox: Come up and sail once the new boat is bought. Bring Curly.

LaRoo: We're not Ozzie and Harriet if you get my drift. But thanks anyway.

Max: She'll be bought and in the water by next summer. I'm number 21 on the waiting list now. And you're absolutely right: There will be deals a-plenty and I'm a-looking. I'm not letting life get in the way.

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