Saturday, November 01, 2008


Halloween 2008: Zeenee is witched out and not happy about being dressed up. Wifey, as usual, is all smiles.

It was a rainy autumn evening. We had our first fire in the wood stove.
To commemorate the occasion I portrayed Cheesehead, the super hero.
Dawn played the part of a beatnik without a cause wand and had witch Flirty on her arm.
Princess Grace played Grace being Grace and read to her monkey.

And that was pretty much the Halloween for this family in Cowtown.


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Blessed said...

Love the pics!
Hi Bob!
Thanx for the article. I have really been needing a glass of wine!
And most of all thanx for always checking in on me.
I have so often thought of deleting my mermaid blog but can't bring myself to do.
Today, I thought I would look around in blogger land and sooooooo many that I have met along the way are gone.
Glad to see you still here and always being so positive.

La Roo said...

You are beautiful people. I can tell you really enjoy your life and that is so nice to see.
I look forward to your blog.

Rachel said...

All so so cute!!

Bob said...

Blessed: You're right. Bloggers come and go big time. There are few who stand the test of time and keep posting. I guess that's the nature of blogging. I'm glad you're still with us. Don't stop!

La Roo: Thanks! I'll take that compliment.

Rachel: I can always depend on you to leave a comment when I post dog pictures. Thanks for visiting.

Max Watson said...

If only Cheesehead had a mustache...

Bob said...

Max: Not shown due to being covered by the mask is four weeks of 'stache. It's not looking too bad. I'm looking like old dad again.

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