Saturday, November 29, 2008



Mr. Vulture was a gift from Max on my last birthday. Last birthday? Please! There are more to come, aren't there?

Anyway, Mr. Vulture adorns various parts of the house. His location is always changing.

Here he's perched on our Christmas lawn display of Santa and his reindeer on a pirate ship. Anyone screws up and Mr. Vulture will see to it that they walk the plank.
I'm also thinking that with Mr. Vulture at the helm with Santa no one is going to even think about shooting the pirate ship down with their b-b gun. That would have been something Bob would have done as a kid.
I should have taken a better picture of the pirate ship. What's missing is a a reindeer in the crow's nest right above Santa. The reindeer has a pair of binoculars and goes up out of the crow's nest and then sits down. I'll have to take another picture and post it here.

The ship is powered by a blower that keeps the ship inflated. You've seen these probably at Lowe's which is where we purchased ours.

Before joining forces with Santa on the good ship North Pole, Mr. Vulture is assigned to guard the house. Here he is making certain no one messes with the newly erected Christmas tree.

Wifey and I sleep much better at night knowing that Mr. Vulture is watching over us. You never know what the next assignment for this old bird is going to be. Stay tuned.

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Max Watson said...

hahahaaha!! I hope to see Mr. Vulture turn up at Hooters!

Anonymous said...

The vulture is the symbol of "Advocate" for the general populous.
He's a hero...
He does the dirty work of cleanup that noone else wants to do; he keeps the environment healthy and has natural anti-bacterial fluids to keep things clean.
Kinda like grandparents and pet owners. :)

La Roo said...

Well Mr. Vulture is more intimidating than Lupe' the bowling ball that graces us with its presence each holiday season. :)

Bob said...

Max: Damned if there's a Hooters within hooting distance - like 3 hours south. Mr. Vulture and I would be pooped by the time we got to them Hooters!

Anonymous: You nailed this one! Right on the head!!

Laroo: Lupe` the bowling ball? Is that a guy who shaves his head and has a goatee?

Flyinfox_SATX said...

I wish I had one of those...That's classic!

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