Saturday, November 08, 2008


Remember the love scene from the film Deliverance?

If it weren't for 16 people coming for dinner, I'd be in the mood for a movie like this one. It's a classic, don't you think?

Yup, 16 for dinner. I'm a grillin' a whole turkey, there's spiral slice honey ham in the reefer ready to be warmed, my grandmother's special cranberry relish and mashed potatoes. Our guests are bringing the rest (salad, dessert, before dinner snacks, side dishes, etc).

Wifey and I woke this morning, looked at each other and both said, "Why are we doing this?"

I'll let you know tomorrow why we did this and if it was worth doing.

I wish this kid with the banjo was available to play this evening. I bet he could even squeal like a pig! Now that would be entertainment!

Happy Saturday.

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La Roo said...

Sounds like early Thaksgiving?
and somehow you through a creepiness into it by talking about deliverance. Whoa Bob, where did that come from?

Anonymous said...

Why? Why dang it?! Don't leave me waiting. Pictures?

Flyinfox_SATX said...


You have to give me the aftermath of this...who did you feel like after it was all over? Burt Reynold's or Ned Beatty?

Bob said...

La Roo: Where did it come from? I must be a latent homosexual or something like that. Don't you think?

Blither: Pictures are posted girl. . . as of today.

Fox: Which one got it in the shorts? I think they both dodged the "bullet". Wifey reminds me nothing happened.

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