Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lots and Lots of Crap!

Well, where do I begin?  First off I F'ed (short for fucked up), back to first off:  I F'd up my Facebook account where I can't even access it.

Second:  Son-in-law Keith is on a Bob Independace trip having me do much more than I am ready to  do. He means well and is generally good natured about what I can and cannot do...guess I should shut up and roll with it....

Third:  I am exacly at where I was 8 months ago with my eating...chocking, gagging and so on. Picture food spewing across the general it is disgusting and I am not fit to eat in public... I hate to go back relying on the tube inserted into my chest for nourishment....

Fourth: I forget what exactly the fourth thing was...ah, it::  My dexterity is in the toilet.  Literally.  At takes forever to eat, get the picture...

And thus ends the Bob Gripe session for today............

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La Roo said...

It hard for people to understand not being able to do something if they have not been in the position of having limitations.

I'm sure like you said, he has the best intentions. Ultimately it is going to be how hard you push and sometimes when people push us faster than we are capible it becomes so frickin discouraging. And actually causes the opposite effect.

Your body is rejecting to do some stuff. Is there any chance of doing tiny amount of food and feeding tube? A little of both? to keep the nourishment going while helping those swallowing muscles? What the hell do i know? Just a thought.

Your body doesn;t know what function to deal with first. It's like what the Hell? What do you want from me? LOL

So little at a time with each. I'm sure you know that.
It's so damn frustrating, I know.

Your onery ways are gonna be what takes you to the next level every time.

Gripe all you want!

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