Saturday, April 20, 2013


I cannot belive that it's April.  Daughter Dawn had a birthday last Monday and it's in man is knocking on the door so it must be April. Where does time go anyhow?

Had our taxes done by a local guy...instead of paying your truly will be getting two checks (one from the state and the second from the Feds) for approximately 6 grand!!!  Made my freaking day..big time!!!!  For this current tax year I'll be filing single (unless hell freezes over and I re-marry---which is much to the chagrin of the kids!) and claiming myself as 1 dependent.  Let's see how that works out....

Just received my second edition of What About covers 2007 through 2008...hard bound, and quite the beauty.  The previous edition covers 2006 up until 2007.  I'm pretty proud of how both editions turned looks as if two more edtions will be required to bring this project up-to-date.

Life continues on.  What with doctor's appointments, physical and emotional therapy, the many visits from friends and relatives...there's hardly time for much else. I guess that is why I can't believe that it is April...time is flying so I must be having fun. And remember TTFN which is short for Ta-Ta for now!!!

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