Sunday, April 07, 2013

Home Alone

Well. almost all alone.  The kids took off to camp with friends..  Since Friday they'vr been gone leaving me with son Scott...who does a pretty decent job of taking care of bizz. They'll roll in some time Momday just in time for Dawn's birthday celebration.

I can't seem to shake images that are nearly constant. of that fateful morning in June.  While this bugs the living shit out of me. I guess I get something out of it.  Isn't that sick? Okay, you're thinking. "Yeah. Bob IS indeed sick and has more than one screw loose."

 And I probably psychologist friend thinks that I  am on the path to total recovery.  She claims to have "my back" which at the time she makes this statement feels prettty damn good.  At times I feel like I'm nuts which brings up the old Bob-ism of "You know what drives me nuts?  Tight butts drive me nuts, that's what!!" On women!!!!!

And that's the name of that tune!!!

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